Semiconductor Technologies


Linear test resources can be mixed and matched in any combination for the just the right analog test solution. DUT power supplies, arbitrary waveform generator, precision current and measure are just a few of the resources.
The basic linear hardware in the STS3500™ and STS5000™ series Test Systems includes a suite of test instruments that provide the capability to test analog devices of all types; and other hardware that gives the system its functionality. The system comes standard with precision V/I sources, and can be configured with a full range of medium and high power sources. In addition to the standard V/I sources are bias supply sources, an AC source, modulation source, and arbitrary waveform generator. Measurement instruments include a 16-bit digitizing voltmeter, AC voltmeter, system calibrator, and time measurement unit. Control instruments include the Relay Drivers, the Kelvin switching Matrix, and GPIB controller.


Today’s digital devices require more pins, greater accuracy, faster data rates and larger patterns. To meet this challenge we’ve developed a significant enhancement to the STS addressing all four of these criteria.
Our new digital option can be installed in your 3500, 4000, or 5000. Pattern rate is 120 megahertz, depth is 16 meg and width is up to 512 pins (96 pins on the 3500). Digital pin channels are in increments of 16. Each increment includes independent IO serial pattern memory of 128 meg for SCAN or BIST.
ATS Test Systems provide precision digital signals to the digital pins of a device under test (DUT). This capability enables high-speed testing of digital and mixed-signal devices. Test applications include devices with microprocessor interfaces, clock and data lines on A/D and D/A converters, codecs, modems, and other mixed-signal devices.

Mixed Signal

MST (Mixed Signal Test) addresses the combination of digital and analog technologies within the same device package.
STS3500™ and STS5000™ series Test Systems perform high-speed precision tests on mixed-signal semiconductor devices. Test applications include A/D and D/A converters, data acquisition subsystems, application specific integrated circuits (ASICs), and telecommunications devices such as CODECs, MODEMs, and ISDN interfaces. The internal expansion rack permits a wide range of power supplies and GPIB devices to be installed. Digital signal processing (DSP) capabilities are also available.


Automotive electronics has grown prolifically in the past decade. It will continue to be an industry segment that experiences high growth in power devices, communications busses, and smart controllers. CAN, FlexRay and LIN busses interconnect smart ICs thereby reducing the size of wire harnesses, improving efficiency and increasing functionality.
System hardware is designed to ensure applications flexibility, system expandability, and maintainability. Synchronized source and measurement functions enhance system performance, especially in automotive test applications. Devices include: CAN interface transceivers, ultrasonic distance sensors, air bag deployment devices, Hall effect sensor interfaces, and many others.

High Power

High Power, Unipolar High Power, and High Voltage VI supplies are available for ATS Test Systems, with programmable capabilities of up to 1000 volts or up to 100 amps. A High Power or High Voltage switching matrix is also available.

Wafer and Packaged

ATS Test Systems have built in hardware and software designed for testing Wafers or packaged devices. GPIB, RS232, and parallel interfaces make it easy to interface to any Prober or Handler.